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Do We Really

The Truth About Supplements!

What's The Truth Here?

The truth about the supplement industry is that it’s a poorly-regulated
multi-billion-dollar business!! 

(Sorry to start off on a downer, but facts are facts!!) 

In addition to this, a lot of supplements on the market are often consumed in ample supply through diet and are therefore not always necessary.

In a nutshell, some people require  
supplements and some people don’t!

So, Do I Need Supplements?

Quite simply…whatever we don’t consume through food, we require via supplementation. 

[i.e., a supplement is just that, a supplement].

If our daily nutrition could provide us with everything we need, then we shouldn’t have to worry too much about supplements.

However, this is rarely the case 
for many individuals.

Okay, So Which Supplements Should I Consider Buying?

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There are many common nutritional deficiencies out there which can adversely affect your fitness goals (whether it be growing new muscle or burning fat, or living an all-round healthy life). 

For instance most people don’t consume enough omega-3s [especially vegans], and Vitamin D deficiency is extremely high in Western countries where there’s not a lot of sunlight.

The topic of supplementation is a massive topic, and is extensively discussed in the books:

 ‘The Essential Guide to Sports  Nutrition and Bodybuilding,’ 
‘Lean Gains (2nd Edition).’ 
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Where To Get Your Supplements From!

As you can imagine, you’d be spoilt for choice if you did a google search for supplements online, but, unfortunately,  not all supplements are the same! There are some companies out there with a dubious reputation, whilst others are well-renowned. 

Fortunately, at ‘Lean Gains UK,’ we’ve done our research and have chosen to exercise  due-diligence before deciding to partner up with 4 very respectable supplement companies (click on the links below) that will satisfy all of our requirements.